YouTube Channel Posting Schedule Updated

YouTube Channel Posting Schedule Updated

Hi Everybody who reads this – This is just an update on my YouTube posting schedule.

When I started out I was trying to put out videos every couple days.  I was trying to learn how to record, edit, and manage a YouTube channel.  Then when I got somewhat comfortable doing those things I started uploading almost every day!

Well, I am finding that I am hard pressed to make good videos and upload them daily like that.  I have a day job I have to go and work at, and then in the evening I try to play and edit and upload, but I don’t have a lot of time for that as I have household duties and chores I need to do as well when at home….

So… I am going back to posting three times per week, probably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then doing a live stream once per week.

I hope doing this will allow me to make better quality videos and start learning to do more things with the channel.

Of course, if my YouTube channel ever grows enough where I can quit my day job and work at home as a YouTuber, then that would certainly be agreeable to me!  We’ll see…

Thanks to everybody who has been supporting my efforts by watching, commenting, and sharing.


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