Update: Been Away Too Long, Coming Back!

Update: Been Away Too Long, Coming Back!

As I write this blog post I have not created or posted a new video to the channel in seven months.

Well, I’m officially coming back and will be posting a new video very soon, like within the next several days.

Where Have I Been The Past Seven Months?

Well, To be honest I got busy with real life.  I started a side business flying drones and doing aerial photography and videography.  I also started another video game playing channel that focused on retro video games from the mid 1980s into the early 1990s.

You can find that other video game YouTube channel here:  Upstairs Room Software 

Then, that channel came to an abrupt end when my wife and I got sick with Covid at the end of January into February 2021.

After I got sick and was feeling better I did not go back to many any videos.

Shortly after that time, my drone business started to get busy and I was having a hard time finding free time.

So Why Come Back Now?

Because I now have free time again!  I have figured out how to balance my full time day employment with the part time drone business I started, and now I have some free time again to play video games and make some videos.


However, I will not be making as many videos as I was before.  Moving forward I will be making only a few videos per month.  I have some free time, but not enough to make 3-5 videos per week like I was doing before.  It will be more like 2-4 videos per month.

Want To Support My Efforts

I still would love to be able to someday just play video games and make videos.  I don’t think my channel will ever grow to being able to do that, but maybe it will.  Stranger things have happened…

If you want to support me and my efforts all you need to do it watch the full length of my videos I publish, like them, and share them if you are able to do so.

You can also become a Patreon with some special behind the scene benefits… for more information on that check out my Patreon Page.



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