Start A Roblox YouTube Channel In 2020

Start A Roblox YouTube Channel In 2020

Thinking about how to start a Roblox Youtube channel?  Getting started making Roblox video content and posting it on YouTube as a means to make money is not that difficult.  It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, starting that YouTube channel that focuses on Roblox is easier than ever.

Basic info on starting a YouTube channel
Basic info on starting a YouTube channel

This post is not about how to initially grow your channel – that post will come later.  This post is about what you need to do to Start A Roblox YouTube Channel of your very own.

What You Need To Start A Roblox YouTube Channel

You want to have clear and high quality video content.  While you can record and post game play from a smart phone or other handheld device, this article is going to focus on using a PC to play, record, edit, encode, and post videos to YouTube.

Here is a break down of what you would minimally need to have in order to start a YouTube Channel that focuses on video games:

  1. An internet connection, preferably high speed for uploading video.
  2. A PC or Laptop.  You don’t need anything new to run Roblox.  Mid level hardware will work just fine.
  3. Software that will record your game play, OBS is free, and works pretty good, but there are better choices out there.
  4. Software to edit and encode your recorded videos.  Lots of free options out there as well.
  5. A YouTube channel to post your videos on.
  6. Time to play Roblox games, edit them, encode them, and upload them (this can be time consuming!!)

The items listed above are what you need to get started.  There is more you can do to promote and make your Roblox YouTube channel grow, but I will get to that in a later article to follow this one – mostly it involves having social media in place and even a website that focuses on your Roblox Youtube video content.

What I Use To Make My Roblox YouTube Videos

Here is what I have and use to play on, record, and edit my videos:

  • A PC:  I bought a newer PC this year that has a AMD 7 Ryzen processor, 16 gigs of RAM, an 8 gig video card, and 2 terabytes of hard drive space…etc…
  • My recording software is free, I use RADEON ADRENAL LIVE, it is easy to use with the Radeon vid card and doesn’t use much of my processor in the process.  I also use Streamlabs OBS, which is also free.  Both are great pieces of software.
  • The editing software I use is not free, it is called Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020.

What Is The Hardest Challenge In Making YouTube Content

I have been asked the above more than a few times.  For me the hardest thing in making videos and putting them on YouTube is the amount of time it takes.

I work a day job, so my time to play, record, edit, and upload is limited.  I actually spend less time playing video games because now with my limited time I need to use some of my video game time to edit videos.  Some videos take only 20-30 minutes to edit, others can take a few hours!

And then uploading them to YouTube can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to upload!

So the hardest thing for me is making the time to be a YouTuber.  I wish I could do this full time, because it is a lot of fun, but for  now I need to try and balance my time between real life responsibilities and growing my YouTube Channel, Asgard Yorkipoo.



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