Making A Roblox Piggy Funny Meme Video

Making A Roblox Piggy Funny Meme Video

What is it that makes a Roblox Piggy Funny Meme Video so funny.  Why!?  What?!  I really am trying to figure that out.  Here is my story on how I cam across Piggy Meme Videos and why I got some wrapped up in them.

Roblox Piggy Funny Meme Videos – Say What?

A couple weeks ago one of my grand-kids came over to spend the weekend with me and my wife.  We were watching some YouTube and came across a bunch of videos that were all about Roblox Piggy Memes.  I was intrigued because all the videos had large view numbers.

I watched a handful of them with my grand-kid… who was laughing almost non-stop at the videos.  On the other hand I was not laughing much at all.. In fact I admit I didn’t get at all what was so funny about the Roblox Piggy Funny Meme videos we were watching.  Maybe I am too old to get it!?

I asked my grand-kid what she liked so much about the Piggy Meme Videos, and why they had her laughing!  She liked how they were fast, scene to scene with lots of changes, silly sound effects, unusual imagery… all wrapped into into three to eight minute video with lots of strange green scene overlays.

I Wanted To Try And Make My Own Piggy Memes

Okay, so I still didn’t get it… For whatever reason I was really having a hard time figuring out what made Roblox Piggy Meme Vids so funny to watch.  Admittingly, I wanted to try and make my own Piggy Meme Funny Moment Videos.  So that is what I set out to do.

I started playing Roblox Piggy and recorded about 58 minutes of game play.  Then I hit the internet and did some research on Fare Share video content and pulled a hundred different sound clips to use in my fist Piggy Meme Video.

The Tedious Process Of Editing A Piggy Meme Video For YouTube

Wow, okay, I really mean ‘wow’.  I tell you what, editing a five minute Roblox Piggy Meme Funny Moment video takes about three to four hours of focused work.  It’s not easy.  There is a lot of fine detailed editing that needs to be done, scenes to clip, sounds and overlays to add.  And while you work you keep going back over and over again watching the content you created.

While the process of making a Piggy Meme Video is long, I do admit that while I was making my first Piggy Funny Moments video I was chuckling at some of the stuff I was creating.  The good news is that I was stating to ‘get it’ and what makes them laughable.

I Didn’t Want To Be Like Everybody Else Making Piggy Memes

Many of the people on YouTube making Roblox Piggy Memes seem to be publishing content that is very similar to each other’s work.  I didn’t want to be like.  While some of the sound clips I use are poplar among Piggy Meme and other meme type videos in general, I did my best to find my own unique sound clips, or at least sound clips not in high use among Piggy Meme YouTubers.

I try and make my videos to tell the story taking place in the game play session I am recording that I plan to use in my Memes.  The scenes in my Piggy Meme Videos are usually all related to one another and flow in an order to tell a story of a ‘let’s play’ game video.

Making More Piggy Meme Videos Moving Forward

Moving forward with my YouTube Channel, Asgard Yorkipoo, I plan on making more Roblox Piggy Meme Videos.  In fact I will not just focus on Piggy, but a few other games as well.  But, mostly Piggy!  Piggy is a fun game and has a large following.

As I write this blog post about Roblox Piggy Memes, I have a new meme video set to launch on YouTube in the near future.  While they take a lot of time to produce, they are fun to work on.

Want to see some of my funny Roblox Piggy Memes?  Then go to my YouTube Channel and watch!

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